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South Africa

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Bridges.org is an international non-profit organisation with a mission to help people in developing countries use information and communications technology (ICT) to improve their lives.
(Hits: 887)

Africa National Telemedicine System Pilot Project
Telemedicine is viewed as the use of electronic communication networks for the transmission of information related to the diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions at a distance.
(Hits: 653)

CITI - Cape Information Technology Initiative
The Cape IT Initiative (CITI) is a not-for-profit organisation focused on developing the ICT cluster in the Western Cape. It focuses on four core areas: Cluster development (events, networking & Cluster facilitation), IT Business Development (incubation and Entrepreneurial support), IT Skills Development and IT Research & Policy.
(Hits: 1462)

Closing the digital divide in South Africa: This site aims to support action, discussion and research on Universal Access to ICTs, eg.Telecentres and other types of Community ICT projects in South Africa.
(Hits: 834)

Computers in Schools
A national survey of Information Communication Technology in South African schools
(Hits: 928)

Eshowe Tourism
Where to stay in Eshowe. Colonial capital of Zululand
(Hits: 1364)

Myeka High School
Technology is allowing us to develop many new and effective ways of bringing the world's best education to those who would have never previously been able to have access to it. Imagine a school with no electricity, no running water and no telephone lines but the largest library in the world. A miracle collaboration of people and technology has taken place at Myeka High, in KwaZulu Natal.
(Hits: 2291)

Praetor Education Technology
This site aims at becoming a hub for South African educators to share resources. It provides a framework for collaboration.
(Hits: 1233)

Schoolnet SA
SchoolNet SA (SNSA) is an organisation formed to create Learning Communities of Educators and Learners that use Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to enhance education.
(Hits: 843)

South Africa's TDMA/DECT Wireless Local Loop Deployment
Telkom is using TDMA point-to-point microwave systems to provide services to rural communities. During the first five years that these systems were deployed, all had copper tails in the last mile. By 1997, Telkom served approximately 20,000 customers using this technology, and it was reasonably successful.
(Hits: 672)

South Africa: Case Study in WLL Deployment
In June 1997, Telkom awarded contracts to Alcatel and Lucent Technologies for the supply of 420,000 wireless local loop (WLL) lines to be installed over two years. As of April 1999, nearly two years after the contracts were awarded, Telkom was behind schedule on its WLL deployments and had only connected 19,000 subscribers. By the end of August 1999, the number of connected subscribers reached 75,000.
(Hits: 667)

The Khanya Technology in Education project
The main purpose of Khanya is to deliver and support curriculum, to assist in improving the quality of teaching and learning in all schools of the Western Cape
(Hits: 939)

Western Cape Education Dept.
Western Cape Education Dept - Government
(Hits: 940)