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Categories Wireless

Rural Communications Through Wireless IP Technology
More than 2.5 billion people live in rural or remote areas of developing countries [1]. This number, amounts to more than 40% of the worlds population, living in areas which are either too poor or/and have a terrain which make it difficult to deploy telecommunication infrastructure and technologies, such as email, e-commerce, telemedicine etc. This report will look at how telecommunications is being brought to rural areas using cost effective Wireless Internet Protocol (IP) Technologies.
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Canberra Wireless Network
The Canberra Wireless network is an effort by a bunch of Linux enthusiasts to build a high-speed wireless network in some parts of Canberra. Initially we are looking at North Canberra but some people have expressed interest in other parts of Canberra. Most of us attend meetings of the Canberra Linux User Group (CLUG), which is where much wireless networking is discussed.
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Founded in Stockholm on August 30, 2000, Elektrosmog is a discussion group for public, wireless access to the Internet over non-telecom networks, such as the Wireless LAN standard IEEE 802.11b. Membership is open and free of charge.
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Mother Earth Mother Board
A "Wired" article in which the hacker tourist ventures forth across three continents, global telecommunications, and other material pertaining to the business and technology of Undersea Fiber-Optic Cables, as well as an account of the laying of the longest wire on Earth.
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Myeka High School
Technology is allowing us to develop many new and effective ways of bringing the world's best education to those who would have never previously been able to have access to it. Imagine a school with no electricity, no running water and no telephone lines but the largest library in the world. A miracle collaboration of people and technology has taken place at Myeka High, in KwaZulu Natal.
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Wireless Anarchy
WirelessAnarchy is about creating your own long range infrastructure, without having to pay anyone or jump through government hoops. Cheaply and easily, using off the shelf equipment, and a little ingenuity, you too can create your own net.
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... is a WiFi information resource for wlan admins included over 700(tendency rising) wireless related links to manufacturers, advisories, organisations, software and so on. Get the latest wireless and mobile news on Wireless-Warrior.
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