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List of software

Top level Technology

Wizzy Digital Courier relies on standard networking protocols for the interactive portions, linked by UUCP - Unix-to-Unix-Copy - for the intermittent sections.

Our software is based on RedHat Linux, currently version 8.0. Though the software can be used for individuals and businesses, for explanation purposes below I will assume a school installation.
There are two 'locations' the software is installed - the school, and the place that has full access to Internet, which may, or may not, be the school. I shall call this place the 'Server'.
At the school, we have the following setup (all Redhat - RH8 plus several RPMs I have packaged) :-

  • 'Wizzy' server - 200+Mhz, 256M RAM, 40Gig RAID 1 disk
  • DHCP, TFTP for booting
  • LDAP for Authentication
  • UUCP for /all/ communication
  • BIND for nameservices, on local network
  • LTSP packages for Thin client NFS-mounted root directory
  • Courier IMAP server for inbound mail +webmail
  • exim for outbound mail
  • wwwoffle as local web cache, some custom programs
  • apache webserver for simple Intranet stuff and webmail
  • vsftpd for a local FTP server
  • dialup to any ISP, but mail goes through my server in Cape Town using UUCP.
  • Home directories to be NFS-mounted off Thin Client servers
  • RAID disk system

This holds all our custom software, and the important data, like mail and Home directories.
I have the following packages installed :-

  • dhcpd
  • bind
  • openldap
  • openldap-clients
  • openldap-servers
  • last (to edit the LDAP database)
  • courier
  • courier-imapd
  • courier-ldap
  • courier-webmail
  • aspell (to spellcheck webmail)
  • aspell-en-gb
  • pspell
  • exim (for sending mail)
  • ltsp_core
  • ltsp_floppyd
  • ltsp_kernel
  • ltsp_x_core
  • tftp-server
  • talk-server
  • telnet-server
  • uucp
  • vsftpd
  • xinetd
  • wwwoffle

If the school is handling its own network installation, desktops, etc., maybe Windows, this is the only server.
In a Thin Client school setup, another machine is needed to host all the user applications - the Thin Client server.

  • One or two Thin Client servers - 1.4GHZ -> 2.4GHZ, 1 Gig RAM
  • /home mounted off wizzy server
  • xfce Window Manager
  • Authentication via LDAP on wizzy server
  • No user data.

Packages installed here are desktop apps selected for school use.

We have the following packages installed.

Many of those RPMs come with Redhat 8.0 and later - others my be found on my ftp site.

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