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Saturday, 27 November 2004

We all know that to connect to the Internet, you need a telephone line and a modem, a satellite uplink, or some other means of tapping into 'the Net'. Unfortunately, in South Africa, the necessary telecommunications infrastructure is not always there to tap into. About a third of South Africans don't have a phone line, and roughly 88% of schools in the Northern Province lack an Internet connection.

Download the video video (mp4 format- Linux users try VLC player)

Weekend Argus

April 2004 - Article in Weekend Argus, Cape Town, another in The Big Issue, and a good review from Wired News.

Wired News

Seeking Riches from the Poor - Wired News finds out what is happening.

CAPE TOWN, South Africa -- When Andy Rabagliati describes his work to people in Europe and America, they have trouble understanding exactly what it is he does, and why.

"This replaces the phone line," he says, holding up a dark blue memory stick the size of a cigarette lighter.

Venezeulan IT magazine picks up the story

Cuando Andy Rabagliati les explica en qué consiste su trabajo a europeos y estadounidenses, les cuesta entender qué hace exactamente y por qué.

Rabagliati se dedica a proveer acceso a Internet a escuelas rurales aisladas. Parece sencillo. Pero en rigor, lograr ese objetivo no es una tarea fácil en las colinas verdes y ondulantes de KwaZulu-Natal, donde pasa buena parte de su tiempo.

Cape town published Weekend Argus writes a story

the Big Issue talks of Milk Trucks

The Big Issue South Africa finds relevance for street people - A local copy of the article


Video clips describing Wizzy Digital Courier, courtesy of Bridges.org
Oneworld.tv video clips - Esangweni school, Cape Town townships

High costs make it impossible for most schools in South Africa to maintain an Internet connection. Wireless and ISDN connections are extremely rare; thus, the only option for many schools is to pay the high per-minute rates mandated by monopoly-holding telco. One solution, developed by Wizzy Digital Courier, it to provide offline Internet access using a system of "delayed dialup".

Mercury News

Open source helps education effort in Third World

When Andy Rabagliati started working to deliver Internet access to some poor rural schools, he chose Linux and other open-source software for the core of his project. His decision was a no-brainer.


ITWeb: KZN schools get cut-rate Internet

[Johannesburg, 27 June 2003] - New Cape Town company Wizzy Digital Courier has devised a way to bypass many of the costs of setting up and running a school computer LAN by using old equipment, the Linux operating system and Telkom's R7 Callmore package.

Linux Today

Tectonic: Smart Answer to Digital Divide

"Cape Town-based Wizzy Digital Courier, which delivers Internet content via a courier system, and offers cost effective computing and Internet access to schools, has launched a pilot project in Eshowe in Zululand.

CITI: Cape IT Initiative

Walking the Talk

Bridging the Digital Divide is no longer just a fancy, meaningless IT buzzword in Northern KwaZulu Natal, thanks to Cape Town entrepreneurs and Linux, the open source standard to operate computer programmes.

World Premier of Digital Courier in South Africa

We at Wizzy Digital Courier wizzy.org.za are officially opening in South Africa the prototype of a new method of low cost Internet access that can be used for rural schools in any environment in the world.

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