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KwaZibonele Jnr.

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KwaZibonele Junior School is a school in King Dinzulu township, Eshowe.

School KwaZibonele Primary School
Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
IT administrator
Vida Mtetwa (principal)
Annette Basel
annette at zibonele.wizzy.org.za
sales at zpa.co.za
Existing equipment
8 non-networked P2 233Mhz 64Meg RAM client computers
New equipment
  • 1 used Thin-client server, P3 766Mhz 512Meg RAM
  • 1 used WDC Internet Server, P1 166Mhz 32Meg RAM

Existing Computer layout
Non-networked lab running WINDOWS 98
New Computer Layout
  • 8 fully networked computers running both the existing WINDOWS 98 operating system and the LINUX Thin Client network on a dual boot system (the kids can choose when the computers boot up).
  • 1 Thin Client server
  • 1 WDC Internet Server.

Number of users
1050 students, each of which can have their own email account, however being a primary school only the teachers and older students have accounts
  • Digital Courier - No phone line. Instead daily deliveries are made via motorbike out to the school of up to 128Meg of data of email and websites.
  • Full LINUX applications distribution on thin-client, and WINDOWS 98 on each client
  • up to 20Gig of Web Cache of websites requested by the administrator.

KwaZibonele Junior Primary School