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Esangweni High

Top level Schools

Esangweni High school - Wizzy Digital Courier in Cape Town townships. Some nice maps can be found here.

Esangweni Secondary School


Esangweni Secondary School
Khayalitsha, Cape Town, South Africa
IT administrator
George Solomons
george at esangweni.wizzy.org.za
Existing equipment
16 Windows 95 Computers
New equipment
1 New Thin Client Server 700Mhz, 256 RAM
1 Used WDC Server, P1, 166Mhz, 32M RAM
Existing Computer layout
Networked Windows95 Lab
New Computer Layout
  • 16 fully networked computers running both the existing WINDOWS 95 operating system and the LINUX Thin Client network on a dual boot system (the kids can choose when the computers boot up).
  • 1 Thin Client server
  • 1 WDC Internet Server.

Number of users
900 Users, with Email
  • Delayed Dialup, phone hangs up after mail is transferred.
  • Full LINUX applications distribution on thin-client, and WINDOWS 98 on each client
  • Email only, no Web