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LTSP from Hard Disk

Top level Technology

I have a method for booting LTSP from hard disk - works excellently in a dual-boot environment, or in a situation where you have a hard disk and do not want to, or cannot, burn EPROMs.

README for LTSP install package
Andy Rabagliati

Other similar techniques :-

Toms root/boot

You can find the file referenced below at


In a Thin Client lab, network booting from a server is usually accomplished by an EPROM installed on the network card. This is still the optimal solution, but can be inconvenient, because of the lack of an EPROM burner, or an onboard network card having no facility for this.

Sometimes it is a lab full of Windows computers, that just need dual-boot (to LTSP) capability added.

Sometimes they are donated computers, with nothing useful on possibly-small hard drives.

I modified a copy of Toms root boot to provide a quick, one-step solution to these issues.

I pulled out all the ext2 tools (sorry, needed the space), and put eb-5.3.7-etherboot-pci.zlilo and a setup script in the root dir.

This is an etherboot image with support for all PCI network cards supported by the etherboot project.

log in as root, and type "./ltsp.sh /dev/hda1"

The script tries mounting that partition, to create C:etherboot on it with the "kitchen sink" etherboot image above, and run lilo to set it up.

Unfortunately, tomsrtbt does not have write capability to NTFS partitions, and thus will not work with NTFS-only setups. If you wish to preserve such a Windows setup, refer to the link above for a method of using the NT Boot Loader.

If the partition does not exist, the script offers to trash the hard drive and create /dev/hda1 itself.

Interrupting the lilo boot (press Left Shift) enables you to type Windows and boot to the Windows partition.

Please let me know if there are problems.

Cheers, Andy!