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Top level Schools

http://nansindlela.org Nansindlela School adopted The Thin Client classroom and Wizzy Digital Courier Internet access in 2003.

We got involved through the Principal, Iain Guthrie, who invited us to quote for bringing computers and Internet to this very rural school.

Aerial view of school

Ingwavuma is close to the Swaziland border in northern Zululand. It has expanded considerably in the last five years - with scrub being cleared and new classrooms being built in blocks of three.

Layout of computers at school

The library forms the core of the network, with the servers, 10 clients, and the telephone line. The other computers are spread around the campus.
Around 2Km in total of ethernet cable was laid in trenches to provide connectivity around the school.

School Nansindlela School
Ingwavuma, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
IT administrator Iain Guthrie (principal)

iain at nansindlela.wizzy.org.za
iag at sai.co.za
Existing equipment Two office computers
New equipment
  • 33 used reconditioned computers, P1 166Mhz 64Meg RAM and P2 266Mhz 64Meg RAM
  • 2 new Thin Client Servers, 1.7Ghz 1Gig RAM
  • 1 used WDC Internet Server, 400Mhz, 512Meg RAM
  • 1 new 100 base T 24 port switch, 1 new 16 port 100 base T switch
  • 2 used WDC Internet Servers (one for a spare), 466Mhz,512Meg RAM
  • 1 high speed B+W laserjet printer
  • 1 USB scanner

Existing Computer layout Two non-networked office computers
New Computer Layout 35 client computers distributed throughout
the 5 buildings on the school grounds. Each classroom has at least one computer, with two in the administration office.
Number of users 375 students, each with their own email account
  • Delayed Dialup, 7 Rand for 150Meg to 175Meg download per night.
  • Full LINUX applications distribution on thin-client.
  • up to 40Gig of Web Cache of websites requested by the administrator.