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August public beta

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We bring you a new generation of Wizzy Digital Courier installable CD - the August 2006 release!

We have a pre-release bootable Cd that can install Wizzy Digital Courier onto a computer. It is named wizzy-date.iso.

Be aware of the following :-

Installation types are as follows:-

Access options are as follows:-

This computer will form the core of a school network, providing off-peak dialup mainly targeted at South African Schools. Ideally, it is added to an existing fully-functional Local Area Network, either Windows or Linux. It installs the following functionality :-

You must choose a name for your computer/network. The mail domain will become, where hostname is the name you choose. Other toplevel domains are supported - DNS changes need to be made.

If you have a school lab provided by the Shuttleworth Foundation, you may use this CD to add Internet functionality to the lab.

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