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Technology behind Wizzy Digital Courier
August public beta
( 15.03.2006 00:00 )
We bring you a new generation of Wizzy Digital Courier installable CD - the August 2006 release!
How to install | News

( 19.11.2004 10:00 )
Toms root/boot
I have a method for booting LTSP from hard disk - works excellently in a dual-boot environment, or in a situation where you have a hard disk and do not want to, or cannot, burn EPROMs.
Details.. | Technology

( 16.07.2004 14:07 )
Wikipedia - Open Content for schools
Wikipedia is a one-of-a-kind collaborative effort to create an online encyclopedia. With a little effort, it can be used offline in schools.
Read more | Technology

( 23.06.2004 18:13 )
I have to rewrite my spam-filtering systems every six months. This is my latest attempt, using greylisting with the exim MTA in addition to HELO checking and tests on known spammers.
The gory details | Technology

( 16.04.2004 17:05 )
USB memory stick
Wizzy Digital Courier provides affordable internet connectivity, both using off-peak dialup and also physically carrying the data to the location.
Read more | Technology

( 01.08.2003 15:10 )
Wizzy Digital Courier relies on standard networking protocols for the interactive portions, linked by UUCP - Unix-to-Unix-Copy - for the intermittent sections.
Read more | Technology

( 30.07.2003 14:23 )
Setting up computers
Linux Thin Client networks allow one or two powerful servers to host applications, displayed on recycled old machines in the classroom.
Read more | Technology

( 29.07.2003 18:02 )
Wizzy Digital Courier uses the Linux operating system and other freely available software in our schools.
Read more | Technology