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( 15.03.2006 00:00 )
We bring you a new generation of Wizzy Digital Courier installable CD - the August 2006 release!
How to install | News

( 19.11.2004 10:00 )
Toms root/boot
I have a method for booting LTSP from hard disk - works excellently in a dual-boot environment, or in a situation where you have a hard disk and do not want to, or cannot, burn EPROMs.
Details.. | Technology

( 16.07.2004 14:07 )
Wikipedia - Open Content for schools
Wikipedia is a one-of-a-kind collaborative effort to create an online encyclopedia. With a little effort, it can be used offline in schools.
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( 04.07.2004 14:58 )
Shuttleworth school install
The Shuttleworth Foundation is putting Linux into classrooms in the Western Cape. Wizzy Digital Courier has a pilot project to put Email and internet into those schools.
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( 23.06.2004 18:13 )
I have to rewrite my spam-filtering systems every six months. This is my latest attempt, using greylisting with the exim MTA in addition to HELO checking and tests on known spammers.
The gory details | Technology

( 29.04.2004 10:00 )
Go Open

Saturday, 27 November 2004

We all know that to connect to the Internet, you need a telephone line and a modem, a satellite uplink, or some other means of tapping into 'the Net'. Unfortunately, in South Africa, the necessary telecommunications infrastructure is not always there to tap into. About a third of South Africans don't have a phone line, and roughly 88% of schools in the Northern Province lack an Internet connection.

Download the video video (mp4 format- Linux users try VLC player)
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( 16.04.2004 17:05 )
USB memory stick
Wizzy Digital Courier provides affordable internet connectivity, both using off-peak dialup and also physically carrying the data to the location.
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( 16.04.2004 15:43 )
Courier - on location
Andy Rabagliati, the developer behind Cape Town's Wizzy Digital Courier , is making a similar effort to help under-resourced schools connect to the internet. Andy, however, is using an even simpler technology: the milk truck.
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( 14.09.2003 19:31 )
This is an article I wrote for the minciu_sodas_en mailing list - and gives some of my thoughts on Wizzy Digital Courier.
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( 14.08.2003 11:18 )
Wizzy Digital Courier is a startup.
Contacts | Contacts

( 01.08.2003 15:10 )
Wizzy Digital Courier relies on standard networking protocols for the interactive portions, linked by UUCP - Unix-to-Unix-Copy - for the intermittent sections.
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( 31.07.2003 16:34 )
Junior school class
Eshowe Junior school - the oldest school in Eshowe - upgraded their computer lab to use Wizzy Digital Courier
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( 31.07.2003 12:01 )
KwaZibonele Junior Primary School
KwaZibonele Junior School is a school in King Dinzulu township, Eshowe.
Read more | Schools

( 31.07.2003 11:39 )
Esangweni Secondary School
Esangweni High school - Wizzy Digital Courier in Cape Town townships. Some nice maps can be found here.
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Mission statement
( 30.07.2003 18:01 )
Computer Lab
Wizzy Digital Courier's mission is to radically drop the cost of Internet access in every aspect, from equipment, to phone rates, to remote access, to the point that most schools in the world can now consider it for their kids.

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( 30.07.2003 14:23 )
Setting up computers
Linux Thin Client networks allow one or two powerful servers to host applications, displayed on recycled old machines in the classroom.
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( 29.07.2003 18:34 )
We at Wizzy Digital Courier are officially opening in South Africa the prototype of a new method of low cost Internet access that can be used for rural schools in any environment in the world.
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( 29.07.2003 18:19 )
Eshowe High, an Ex Model-C school in Eshowe, Zululand, gains connectivity through Wizzy Digital Courier
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( 29.07.2003 18:02 )
Wizzy Digital Courier uses the Linux operating system and other freely available software in our schools.
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( 29.07.2003 16:01 )
http://nansindlela.org Nansindlela School adopted The Thin Client classroom and Wizzy Digital Courier Internet access in 2003.
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