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August public beta

Top level News

We bring you a new generation of Wizzy Digital Courier installable CD - the August 2006 release!

We have a pre-release bootable Cd that can install Wizzy Digital Courier onto a computer. It is named wizzy-date.iso.

Be aware of the following :-
  • This software is an adapted version of CentOS Linux, itself straight recompile from source RPMs of Redhat Enterprise Linux. Many extra packages have been added, all under the GPL licence.
  • This software uses a whole computer.
  • This bootable CD will ask to erase your entire disk to install the software.
  • After it boots for the first time, questions ask your computer name, installation type, and internet access method. You can preview the install process at WizzyDigital site.
  • You will require a computer, which, depending on the size of your network, needs to be a Pentium I or more, with 256Meg RAM or more installed, and at least a 20Gig hard disk, mostly used to hold the Web Cache.

Installation types are as follows:-
  • The fully integrated Wizzy Digital Low Cost Lab.This is a lab you created from old used computers using Wizzy Digital's instructions on how to connect them up into a network. In this lab, you will install an applications server using Wizzy Digital's 2 CD set called Apps1 and Apps2 and an I-BOX using the CD you have used to install this computer.
  • Your own already-existing Windows, Mac, or Linux non-networked lab. This is the lab that, before you started with Wizzy Digital, you had previously set up with a group of single computers that are not connected to each other by a switch or a hub. You will need to first connect all your computers and servers to each other using a switch or a hub, however the I-BOX will work with whatever operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) you were already using on your computers.
  • Your own already-existing Windows, Mac, or Linux networked lab. This is the lab that, before you started with Wizzy Digital, you had previously set up with a group of computers that are connected to each other or to a central server by a switch or a hub. The I-BOX will work with whatever operating system (Windows, Mac, or Linux) you were already using.
  • The One-Computer solution. This is the lab or home with only a single computer that you wish to use for email and web only. You may add applications to your computer on your own but Wizzy Digital does not provide them with this installation.
  • Sponsorship. A Sponsor is a school or business that has a better connection. They service other Courier schools or businesses that do not have a telephone connection. A USB memory stick is carried back and forth to the courier school.

Access options are as follows:-
  • Dialup. You use a telephone to connect to the Internet. You must have already contacted an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and created an account with them.
  • Courier. You are not using a telephone to access the Internet, you will have your school's Internet physically carried to you from another Wizzy Digital Sponsor school that does use a telephone to access the Internet.
  • Broadband. You will be using a connection supplied via an ADSL modem or other permanent network connection on your network.

This computer will form the core of a school network, providing off-peak dialup mainly targeted at South African Schools. Ideally, it is added to an existing fully-functional Local Area Network, either Windows or Linux. It installs the following functionality :-
  • DHCP server for IP addresses - dhcp as provided by Redhat
  • SMTP mail server - exim4
  • IMAP server for local mailboxes - courier packaged by wizzy
  • LDAP authentication server - openldap as provided by Redhat
  • DNS server - dnsmasq - community contribution
  • UUCP for all communications - uucp as provided by Redhat
  • LTSP bootserver for Linux Thin Client networks - ltsp 4.2 packaged by wizzy. This is just a bootserver - it requires an LTSP application server as well for full LTSP functionality.
  • TFTP, NFS servers for booting and diskless workstation support for LTSP - tftp-server , nfs-utils as provided by Redhat
  • wwwoffle offline web cache - wwwoffle modified and packaged by wizzy
  • apache webserver for webmail - apache as provided by Redhat
  • vsftpd ftp server - vsftpd as provided by Redhat

You must choose a name for your computer/network. The mail domain will become is the name you choose. Other toplevel domains are supported - DNS changes need to be made.

If you have a school lab provided by the Shuttleworth Foundation, you may use this CD to add Internet functionality to the lab.